GitHub Gardener

Daily, automated commits that magically turn your GitHub green

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Watch your GitHub magically turn green

How does it work?

1) When you sign up, GitHub Gardener will create a new repository for you

2) GitHub Gardener will commit to the new repository a random number of times daily

3) Watch your GitHub turn green over the span of a year

Open Source

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While building GitHub Gardener, I found that I needed full read and write access to the user's public repos

In order to create a sense of security and show my pure intentions, I decided to open source it

GitHub Gardener is built upon this open source software

Built in the Open

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The complete story, from idea conception to launch can be found on a single twitter thread

You can also view all my public todos on WIP




Just a regular guy


  • Standard repository name

  • A repository with a README file

  • 0 to 7 commits per day

  • Basic commits and commit messages

  • All commits happen at the same time



5 $/mo

As silent as a ninja..


  • Private Repository

  • 0 to 7 commits per day

  • Commits cannot be viewed but your contribution history will be green

  • Help me achieve my dream of becoming an indie maker